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Fairfield County Offers Something for Everyone

Connecticut, the Nutmeg State, is renowned for its top-notch academics, interesting history, lovely beaches, and beautiful autumns. Connecticut offers some of the most desirable real estate in the country. It has some of the best classrooms for your kids. Connecticut also boasts low crime rates.

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Fairfield County offers great amenities, reasonably priced homes, good schools, and is close to New York City. Fairfield is a draw for young families because of its reasonable real estate prices. Homes start at just about $350,000. Property taxes are also low for the area. Fairfield has a thriving downtown and two Fortune 500 companies. There are always tons of activities for families and plenty for adults too.

The Gold Coast spans parts of Fairfield County. The Gold Coast is called thus because it is home to many wealthy New York City-based top business people. The area has been portrayed often in films and novels, including The Stepford wives and Gentleman’s Agreement.

Cities in Fairfield County

Fairfield County is the most populated county of CT. The County contains Stamford, Bridgeport, Danbury, and Fairfield. These are the largest cities in Fairfield County. Each city is diverse and offers a number of different restaurants, attractions, cultural events, and outdoor activities.


Stamford is an inviting and vibrant town located about 30 miles from Manhattan. Stamford’s downtown area offers a broad array of restaurants, shops, education, events, and arts. Stamford is home to some of the largest and oldest crossword competition in the United States. Stamford offers excellent academics and a wonderful overall quality of life. The student-teacher ratio is 12 to 1. Stamford is one of the safest communities around.

Stamford has been recognized by Google for its strong online business community. Stamford’s businesses are using the internet to connect with existing companies, find new customers, and fuel the local economy. Four Fortune 500 companies are based in Stamford. These include telecom providers Frontier Communications and Charter Communications. The global e-commerce tech company Pitney-Bowes is also based in Stamford. Stamford is also where the World Wrestling Federation, also known as the WWE, is located. Outside of New York City, Stamford is the largest financial district in the area.


Bridgeport, also known as "The Park City", offers beautiful shoreline parks, interesting museums, baseball, hockey, national music performances, and more. Bridgeport is home to more than 144,000 people. The town offers 1,300 acres of public land for parks. There are 13 official neighborhoods, each with its own unique personality. Residents can enjoy Captain's Cove Seaport. The Seaport draws many visitors each year. It features quaint shops that line the boardwalk. Scenic harbor cruises are also offered at the Seaport. Other popular areas are Harboryard Ball Park which is home to the Bridgeport Bluefish Minor League Baseball Team; the Bridgeport and Port Jefferson Ferry which leaves from Bridgeport and takes you to Port Jefferson, Long Island to spend a day full of shopping and site seeing; and the Webster Bank Area which hosts many exciting concerts and events. Also the famous showman and businessman, PT Barnums hails from Bridgeport!


Danbury is located within close proximity to New York City. It is close to the popular Danbury Mall which is one of the largest malls in New England and boasts a Carousel and EuroBungy Trampoline. Danbury offers an abundance of parks. It is a great place for anyone interested in the outdoors. There are wonderful hiking and mountain biking opportunism close to Danbury. Bear Mountain is located just a few miles outside of the city. It is a quiet forest park that offers hiking trails that overlook the peaceful waters of Candlewood Lake. Indian Ledge park and Old Mine Park are nearby and offer numerous hiking opportunities.

Danbury’s train station was the set of Alfred Hitchcock's most famous train travelers. They began their journey at Danbury. The train station has been converted into the Danbury Railway Museum. The station and the yards are open to visitors. They feature a collection of historic railroad equipment and cars.


Fairfield is a thriving, charming downtown area. The city is set on five miles of shoreline on the Long Island Sound. Fairfield offers a small town vibe. It has more than 59,000 residents but has many diverse neighborhoods with their own flair and character. Fairfield offers a number of active civic associations. In addition, the neighborhood- based schools are top-notch. Fairfield’s high schools are among the top in the state. Fairfield boasts marinas, beaches, open spaces, parks. It is located within 50 miles of New York City and offers plenty of fine dining and shopping. Lake Mohegan is a popular hiking and fresh-water swimming spot nearby. All of these factors make Fairfield a top community in the Northeast.

Fairfield County is close to New York City. The County offers a diverse economy and has a good climate for the region. A number of small towns and cities make up Fairfield County and each offer unique attractions, events, and business. Fairfield County is a great area to call home.

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