Children with Angelman Syndrome (AS) do not talk and many struggle to walk. They have difficulty eating and sleeping. Every year, individuals with AS die due to complications from seizures.

Joey is a personal friend, therefore his battle represents a personal fight. We are honored to know Joey and to help in the fight for a cause in which so little is known. Below is a picture of Joey and his infectious smile. Please consider clicking on the link below to find out more information on Joey and Angleman's Syndrome.

Great big hugs, an amazing smile, beautiful eyes, the most infectious belly aching laughs, an amazing spirit and determination all equate to the most beautiful human being you will ever encounter. This is our Joey. 

At first glance Joey is like any other typical boy. Pay a little more attention to his need for assistance with all activities of daily living, his inability to speak, his ways of play and interaction with others and you will begin to raise questions to yourself. Underneath all the beautiful things that make up our bright spirited son is a little boy carrying the weight of Angelman Syndrome. Thankfully he will never be able to comprehend what this diagnosis means for him. 

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